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Apply for a Booth at Pride 2023

Looking to be a vendor at Pride 2024? Fill out an application, and if approved, we'll work to get you set up to participate! 


All booth placements are done on a first-come first served basis. All booths on the pavilion are FULLY COVERED and the floor is concrete


Booth will include a space inside this area at DSRP  


Vendors must provide their own equipment, such as tables, chairs, decorations, etc. Electricity, WiFi, and running water are available, but please bring a 25’ extension cord for your booth’s electric needs.


*Note: Due to fire code, 3-sided canopies will NOT be allowed; however, the booths are indoors & shaded. Vendors are responsible for leaving the area in the same conditions found prior to the event. This area of DSRP does not have A/C, but it’s a big covered breezeway and stays relatively cool.


The facility is open on 6/21 from 3pm – 10pm for set up. For those wishing to set up prior to the event on 6/22, the facility is open at 8am. Event begins at 10am. Breakdown begins on 6/22 at 3pm.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Unless prior arrangements for late arrival have been made, all booths must be claimed no later than 9:30am on Saturday. If your booth has not been claimed by that time it will be forfeited and no refund will be given. All booth spaces must be completely set up no later than 15 minutes before the show opens to the general public. Exhibitor provides all display equipment, including tables and chairs. Due to fire code restrictions, no three-sided canopies are permitted.

  2. Exhibitor agrees to hold Pride of Dripping Springs, its staff members, the Dripping Springs Ranch Park, its employees, and the city of Dripping Springs and its employees harmless in the event of show cancellation, damage to booth and/or merchandise or injury to exhibitor.

  3. Exhibitor agrees to keep the exhibit within the bounds of the leased space and arrange their exhibit in a way that does not interfere with other exhibits. Failure to comply could result in cancellation of booth and no refund will be given. Exhibitors are prohibited from soliciting in the aisles of the show.

  4. Exhibitor agrees to design, construct, and operate his/her exhibit in good taste and in the overall best interest of the show.

  5. Exhibitor agrees to have booth staffed during all open hours of the show. Exhibitor agrees not to dismantle their booth before 3PM and not to bring any dollies onto the show floor before that time.

  6. Exhibitor agrees that Pride of Dripping Springs is providing space to sell their merchandise and Pride of Dripping Springs makes no guarantee of sales or success of the event as response from the public cannot be assured.

  7. Lessor makes no representations or warranties not expressly set forth herein.

  8. Exhibitor agrees to report and pay their own sales tax to the state of Texas, if applicable. Pride of Dripping Springs is in no way responsible for such taxes. Pride of Dripping Springs requires vendors to have their sales tax permit displayed for inspection at any time.

  9. If show is canceled for acts of God, work stoppages, strikes, or any other circumstance out of the control of the Lessor (Pride of Dripping Springs) NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.

  10. Exhibit space will be reserved when payment is made in full.

  11. THIS IS AN OUTDOOR SHOW and we are subject to weather conditions. All of the outdoor booths are FULLY COVERED. If the show is canceled due to weather conditions there is NO RESCHEDULE DATE and NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.

  12. Cancellation policy: Cancellations must be made by June 8, 2024 for a full refund to be given.

  13. We will contact you for payment if your application is approved.

  14. This is a pet free event and only service animals are allowed. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR PETS AT HOME.

What size booth?
Do you need electrcity?

Thanks for submitting!

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